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Item #: 6633
90 Count | Vegi-Capsules | Bottle
Product Number: 6633
Medium: Vegi-Capsules
Container Quantity: 90

This formulation contains herbs, enzymes, fulvic trace minerals and specialty nutrients that target the various herpes viruses. To date, there are seven different strains of the herpes virus. A wide variety of disease and disorders are believed to be caused or triggered by one of these seven herpes viruses. HerpEX is the first formula of its kind to target ALL seven of these variations. It aids the different organ systems that are involved with control and elimination of the virus. Immune response is enhanced by enzymes and herbs.

A most important consideration especially if you are experiencing an outbreak. Be sure to follow dietary suggestions along with the HerpEX. HerpEX is a herpes control formulation. Results will vary depending on the seriousness of the outbreak, the form the virus, lifestyle, and your dietary habits. Most outbreaks occur when the body's pH falls below 6.9. HerpEX acts to re-establish a balanced alkaline environment, reduces or eliminate the flare-ups associated with the Herpes Virus. We highly recommend pH raising nutritional intake as well. Exercise and rest will also assist.

Avoid consuming caffeine with this product and do not take if pregnant, nursing an infant, or have a liver condition unless recommended by a health professional.
HerpEX is one in a series of Opti-Blends. The Opti-Blends concept is to provide engineered combinations of nutrients that address certain health goals. Packaged in a way to provide a simple and convenient delivery of nutrients at their optimal ratio. Our uniquely designed blends reduce the need to take numerous different supplements to achieve outstanding results. With our exclusive use of natural ingredients, these blends offer a more consistent and cost effective approach to optimal supplementation.

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How does this work with Herpes viruses that aren't correlated with outbreaks?

Herpes Viruses may not only take the form of a herpes outbreak. This virus remains in your body and must be suppressed in order to limit the amount of outbreaks and illnesses derived from the onset of a herpes infection. This formula strengthens your immune system during times of no outbreak, as well as enhances your defense against outbreaks.

Why is this formula better than a formula to help boost your immune system?
Are there dietary recommendations to following during use or during a Herpes breakout?
Can you use HerpEX on a daily basis?
What type of Herpes does this work for?
Can I take more than one cleanse at a time?
I notice Tracite and digestive enzymes in a lot of your products, why?
HerpEX Label Nutrition Facts
Product Number: 6633
Medium: Vegi-Capsules
Container Quantity: 90
Cap Style: Hinge
Seal Method: Induction
Bottle Volume: 250cc
Material: HDPE
Package: Bottle